Our Team Members

Fahad Ali

Our Director Mr.Fahad Ali has a vast experience of about 10 years in the Private Hire Business. He started his journey with being an operator in Private Hire companies in West Yorkshire and is now a proud owner of this company and the business is expanding day by day due to the excellent and flawless
services provided by his employees.


Shariq Ali
Mr.Shariq Ali is the head operator for all the employees. He has an experience of 3 years with the Private Hire business and is a perfect Trainer for
all the operators. His job skills and professionalism is well respected in the company.

Following are the areas that mr Shariq has complete command in

* Walsall
* Wolverhampton
* Towerbridge (London)
* Bradford
* Leeds
* Birmingham.

Qasim Ali
Inspite of being new to the operating Business, Mr.Qasim has earned a valuable position in the company in no time. He is a very decent operator and he is putting a lot of effort towards the success of our company.

Nauman Murtaza
Mr Nauman is a Graduate and is well known for his politeness and courtesy towards the customers and always appreciated by his fellow workers.

Sara Khan
A young and enthusiastic employee of Private Hire Outsource. Sara Khan is a Teacher by profession and is also a very respected member of our team to provide complete support and time for our company to cover good amount of hours when needed. She deals with the training of lady operators as well.